Check out some of the videos along with our photo gallery of some of our PAL events throughout the years.  California PAL has made an effort to increase "PAL" awareness with various Public Service Announcements of PAL initiatives and many of these videos have also been shot and edited by PAL kids themselves.

California PAL has a rich history so check back from time to time as we continue to add new content from very recent events along with adding pictures from some of our events back in the 1980's, 1990's and 2000's. 

California PAL Photo Album

We can talk about how California PAL has made a positive impact across the state with our innovative programs but we can also show you.  Over the years, we have taken numerous pictures of our various events.  Below is a small sample of photos from some of our programs. Many of these PAL kids are now grown up and are starting families of their own.  Without California PAL, some of these kids may have made the "wrong choices" in life so we are very pleased to share of these photos with you:


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