CALPAL Team Sports

Over the past decades, California PAL has offered our PAL chapters the opportunity to bring together kids from locations throughout the state to compete in various California PAL tournaments.  As we have diversified our programs over the years to include educational and other enrichment programs we have scaled back on some of our larger statewide tournaments and have started to offer more "regional" sporting events.  Some of the team sports that California PAL has had tournaments for include:

CALPAL Basketball Tournaments

CALPAL-BB01Many PAL chapters have access to gyms or outdoor hoops and conduct Basketball programs.  As one of our oldest and most successful athletic tournaments, California PAL has held tournaments on both a statewide and regional basis over the past years.

Stressing sportsmanship and fair-play, California PALs Basketball Tournaments are not designed for the ultra-competitive AAU traveling teams but for those kids that do not regularly participate in high-school or competitive basketball leagues or do not have the means to participate in any other basketball league programs.  PAL basketball is all about giving the kids a safe and enriching experience to build up confidence in their lives.

California PAL's Basketball program is held for both Boys and Girls divisions from 10U up through 16U and we follow the National Federation of State High School Association competition rules along with the addition of various sportsmanship rules that guarantee that every youth on the team will play in the games during our  tournaments. 

CALPAL Soccer Tournaments

California PAL's largest tournaments have been our statewide and regional Soccer Tournaments.  YouthCALPAL-Soc01 soccer is a huge sport in the state and many of our PAL chapters have established competitive or non-competitive youth Soccer programs.  California PAL's Soccer Tournaments target these at-risk youth and bring them together from all around the state to compete in a fun and safe environment.

As with all of our tournaments, we stress sportsmanship and fair-play.  California PAL's Soccer Tournaments are not designed for the ultra-competitive traveling teams but for those kids that do not regularly participate in other organized leagues. California PAL and its member chapters target the at-risk low income youth that normally would not have the opportunity to compete in other Soccer leagues and give them the chance to come together in a confidence building situation that expands their horizons and gives them a safe and supervised outlet in their lives.

California PAL Soccer is played in both Boys and Girls divisions ranging from 6 & Under up to 17 & Under teams. California PAL follows the California Youth Soccer Association rules and guidelines and we ensure that each youth that participates in our tournaments has a chance to play in the games.

CALPAL Girls Fastpitch Softball

Girls Softball is a very popular sport in California and a number of local PAL programs run comprehensive softball programs at their chapters.  California PAL has provided softball tournaments in for many of these teams to come together and compete in a fun and safe environment. 

 CALPAL-Ath04By stressing concepts of teamwork, fair-play and good sportsmanship, California PAL strives to provide the girls with the chance to expand their horizons and gain the self confidence that they will need to succeed as they reach adulthood

 California PAL Girls Softball is played in divisions ranging from 12U up through 16U and the organization follows the latest ASA Softball Rules and Guidelines to ensure that each youth that participates in our tournaments has a chance to play in the games.

Many of the PAL softball teams also play competitively as travel teams which gives the PAL players even more positive experience and exposure as they compete around the state.  By supporting California PAL, you are enabling us to create opportunities for California's youth to participate in positive activities and reducing juvenile crime throughout the state.