PAL Boxing

When PAL was formed in New York City back in the early 20th century, Boxing was one of its original activities and that continues to this day.  PAL Boxing has a long tradition of excellence and over the years, many PAL boxers have gone on to great success with either Professional Boxing or with other aspects of their lives. Unlike many athletic activities, Boxing takes hard work and dedication to be competitive and for many of California's at-risk youth, Boxing is a great activity to stay out of trouble.

California PAL holds its annual Boxing Tournament in the late summer and amateur boxers from all around the state along with kids from Nevada, Arizona and other states come to compete in the California PAL State Championships. This tournament is sanctioned by USA Boxing which is the governing body for amateur boxing in the United States and unlike other California PAL programs, the Boxing tournament is open to all PAL and non-PAL amateur boxers, both male and female that are valid  members of USA Boxing.  We have PAL kids from as young as eight years old up to experienced amateur boxers in their late 20's compete in the tournament.  The expert referees and judges strictly oversee the competition which is made as safe as possible for the various boxers involved.

Over the past four years, the California PAL Boxing Tournament has been held in Oxnard, CA. which is a hotbed of boxing and we have enjoyed great successes and participation in our tournaments.  Kids from all around the state compete in our tournament because it is so well orgainized and provides a great opportunity for competition.

With the primary goal of keeping kids off the streets and out of trouble, California PAL's Boxing Tournament  is just one way of many that California PAL is making a diffence in the lives of our youth and reducing juvenile crime throughout the state.provides a goal for PAL boxers to compete and better themselves.

The following video from Elk Grove PAL explains why PAL Boxing can be such a positive influence and teach discipline to at-risk kids: