PAL Martial Arts

A huge part of our mission to reduce juvenile crime throughout the state of California is to instill a sense of responsibility and discipline into PAL youth. Many local PAL chapters have found that programs such as Karate or Tae Kwon Do help to focus energy from negative to positive results.   Many of the kids that participate in a PAL Martial Arts program are looking for a place to belong and the dedicated PAL staff and instructors are able to give the kids a creative outlet.

California PAL's Martial Arts Tournaments provide a safe and supervised environment for local PAL chapters to compete together to showcase their skills. California PAL offers yearly tournaments in both Northern and Southern California, bringing together PAL youth from around the state.

Martial Arts stresses discipline and hard work and the kids that complete in the California PAL Tournaments have the opportunity to showcase their talents in an environment of teamwork, fair-play and good sportsmanship. Youth are able to compete in Traditional Kata, Open Forms Kata, Weapons Kata and the Kumite light contact sparring events. Under the watchful supervision of numerous expert black-belt judges, the kids are provided with the chance to expand their horizons and gain the self confidence that they will need to succeed later in life.  Many of the PAL kids involved with Martial Arts continue on to attain their black-belts and then come back to help teach a new generation of kids in Martial Arts when they reach adulthood.  This is what make PAL Martial Arts a unique and special program.

California PAL Martial Arts is offered to kids from the ages of 6 to 18 and follows a strict guideline of rules and procedures for every event.

For many PAL youth, attending a California PAL Tournament may be the first time they have left their city or neighborhood. By supporting California PAL, you are enabling us to create opportunities for California's youth to participate in positive activities and reducing juvenile crime throughout the state.