Establishing a PAL

How To Establish a PAL

If you are a member of a Police or Sheriff's Department and you would like to engage local  youth and make a difference in your community, this is how you can establish a Police or Sheriff Activities League in your city or county.

The first step would be to contact us here at the California Police Activities League. You can call us at (510) 544-4300 and request information about what PAL is all about and about the process of forming your new organization. You would be creating a brand new non-profit organization and we have the knowledge to guide you through the steps of forming a Board of Directors and how to attain a 501 (c)(3) non-profit status. We would also be able to give you the training about what makes PAL/SAL/YAL different from all other juvenile programs.

The second step which is very important is to get the approval of the Sheriff or Police Chief to establish your new PAL chapter. In order to become a member chapter of California PAL, we require that your Chief or Sheriff is committed and fully supports the PAL program.  We have the expertise to talk with your administrators and let them know what PAL is all about. The most successful PAL chapters have the strong backing from the top and it is important that they know and support your program.

In PAL, I learned that as one person, if you change the outcome of even just one situation, if you can affect one person's decision to do something better for themselves, you have done a very good thing.

Manbir Sandhu

Former CALPAL YDC Youth